November 2022

  • They keep on coming. Another job well done. Congratulation on the defense Therese!
  • We have a new PhD! Congrats to Fukai on his successful defense!
  • welcome to Adrian who joins for a Postdoc

September 2022

  • welcome back Tina who rejoined the lab

August 2022

June 2022

March 2022

  • new personnel changes: welcome back Sebastian! and goodbye Elvis – good luck in your new Position at the FHNW!

November 2021

  • welcome to Fabienne and Yongqiang who joined the Nowacki Lab for a Master and PhD Project.

September 2021

  • welcome to Corina and Xiadong who just joined the Nowackis.
  • we have a new PhD! Congratulations Sebastian! Pictures

June 2021

  • Congratulations to Iris for successfully defending her PhD! Great work. Pictures
  • Xyrus moved on to work at the AMNH in New York –  all the best!

September 2020

  • While we say goodbye to Chundi we welcome Jenna, our new Master student.

March 2020


Yes – we are also digital these days! The Nowacki Lab wishes everyone healthy and productive stay at home days!

December 2019

Bildung - Dies Academicus 2019© Universität Bern

  • Congratulations Tina for receiving the Dr. Lutz Zwillenberg price from the University of Bern for her PhD thesis – Great work!

November 2019

  • Sad to see some lab members, including very long-time member Tina (she did Bachelor, Master, PhD and Postdoc in the lab!), leaving us: all the best Tina and Zach for your future adventures!

October 2019

  • Fukai and Eldi joined the lab.

June 2019

  • We welcome our new Postdoc Victor and Master Student Shruti to the lab.

March 2019

  • We had a great skiing day in Grindelwald. Check out some pictures.
  • Welcome to Stefano from Italy who joins us for a rotation!

February 2019

October 2018

  • The Nowacki gets some French influence thanks to Perwin joining the lab – welcome!

September 2018

  • The Nowacki labs welcomes Chundi!
  • Iwona left us to go back to Poland. Good luck in your new position at Rzeszów University.

August 2018

  • Another successful PhD defense by Iwona!   dance-party-silhouette-5   Congratulations!
  • Tina defended her PhD! Clipart-for-free-party-celebration-clipart-clipart-image-8-2Congratulations and well deserved.

July 2018

  • The Nowacki labs spends a week in Washington DC at the Ciliate Molecular Biology Conference organized by the GSA. And by the way: Iris won a Poster prize!
  • And on a sad note: Goodbye to Flurin, but all the best in the UK for your PhD studies.

June 2018

  • The best time to visit our lab is now: after our lab-cleaning day it is not only spotless but even the incubators smell like fresh flowers! Fantastic!
  • and welcome to Lyna to the ranks of PhD candidate!

Mai 2018

  • Ryuma our new postdoc from Japan started working with us: good luck and thanks for the Japanese treats!
  • our longtime lab member Aditi left us for a Postdoc in Tübingen – all the best!

March 2018

  • Read about Tina’s discovery of a cleavage preference for Dicer-like proteins – Congratulations to her and Iris! you can also read about its significance here or here.

February 2018

  • “A happy: Hello!”  to our newest members Flurin and Elvis
  • and welcome to Therese to the ranks of PhD student!

January 2018

  • Congrats to Zach (and Mariusz!) for their insight into transgenerational inheritance. Read their review here.

December 2017

  • welcome to our newest member Xyrus who joins us from Massachusetts

November 2017


  • our  1500px-flag_of_italy_2003-2006-svg  crew leaves us with an another amazing apéro – thank you and arrivederci!
  • come next time when the Nowacki group organizes the institute apéro – if not you’re missing something!

October 2017

  • Congrats to Iris for winning a poster prize at the Paramecium meeting

September 2017

  • did you visit us at the “Nacht der Forschung”? see events
  • we welcome Anxhela and Jan to the lab for their Erasmus/student exchange programs.

August 2017
WhatsApp Image 2017-08-07 at 09.41.22

Aditi successfully defended her PhD – well done!

July 2017

  • Yeay – Dominique’s paper about Piwi Proteins is now online. Great work!

Mai 2017

  • On international workers’ day we welcome our newest PhD student Sebastian.

March 2017

  • Congrats to Iwona for a successful midterm evaluation images
  • Congratulations to Sarah and her crew for their just released Cell paper!
  • Welcome Angela Piersanti, a PhD student who visits us from University of Camerino for a few months.
  • Congrats to Iris for her successful Master thesis. Well deserved – and now welcome to our next PhD student!

February 2017

  • welcome to the lab: Annina, Fabian and Johan.
  • congrats to us for making a lab homepage!