Therese Solberg, Victor Mason, Chundi Wang, Mariusz Nowacki (2023).Developmental mRNA clearance by PIWI-bound endo-siRNAs in Paramecium. Cell Rep. 42, 112213


  • Discovery of a small-RNA-mediated mRNA clearance pathway in a unicellular eukaryote
  • Endo-siRNAs display a strict strand bias and are antisense to their target mRNAs
  • Endo-siRNAs are Dicer dependent and bound by a PIWI-clade Argonaute protein, Ptiwi08
  • Untranslated mRNAs are likely targeted for degradation by the Ptiwi08 pathway


Aditi Singh; Xyrus X Maurer-Alcalá; Therese Solberg; Lilia Häußermann; Silvan Gisler; Michael Ignarski; Estienne C Swart; Mariusz Nowacki (2022). Chromatin remodeling is required for sRNA-guided DNA elimination in Paramecium. The EMBO Journal. doi:  10.15252/embj.2022111839


  • Paramecium ISWI homolog ISWI1 is differentially upregulated during macronuclear development and affects DNA elimination.
  • ISWI1 knockdown leads to alternative excision of IESs, including excision at the “forbidden peak” ~35 bp from the IESs, a region which is excluded from excision in wildtype.
  • Ptiwi01 and Ptiwi09 interact with ISWI1 during sexual development.
  • Knockdown of ISWI1 or the transposase PGM alters the distribution of nucleosome densities.

Chundi, Wang; Solberg, Therese; Maurer-Alcalá, Xyrus X.; Swart, Estienne C.Gao, Feng; Nowacki, Mariusz (2022)A small RNA-guided PRC2 complex eliminates DNA as an extreme form of transposon silencing. Cell Rep. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2022.111263


  • PRC2 couples Piwi-bound small RNAs to transposon elimination in the new soma
  • Elimination of new and ancient transposon sequences depends on PRC2
  • Loss of PRC2 leads to retention and de-repression of transposons
  • Only new transposons require heterochromatin and small RNAs for their removal

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  • Dicer-like proteins can cleave dsRNA in a sequence-specific manner
  • Dicer-like proteins produce small RNAs with 5′ and 3′ sequence bias
  • Small RNA sequence bias enables precise targeting of transposon-derived IESs
  • Dcl5 recognizes IES-IES junction sequence motifs

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  • Identification of two Piwi proteins (Ptiwi10/11) associated with iesRNAs
  • Piwi proteins bind Dicer-produced sRNAs and remove passenger strands
  • Ptiwi10 is expressed from the new somatic macronucleus
  • DNA elimination activates gene transcription

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  • In Paramecium, pieces of deleted DNA are transcribed to form regulatory RNAs
  • Ultra-short DNA segments are concatenated and circularized, allowing transcription
  • This concatenation is carried out by Ligase IV, which also repairs DNA ends
  • Concatenation is random, which leads to diversity in the resulting sRNA population

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  • Alternative nuclear genetic codes continue to be discovered in ciliates
  • Genetic codes with stops and all their codons encoding standard amino acids exist
  • Transcript ends may distinguish stop codons as such in ambiguous genetic codes
  • The ability to resolve genetic code ambiguity may enable genetic code evolution


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