I am from Poland where I did my Master’s degree at the University of Rzeszow. In 2013, I joined Nowacki lab for three months as an Erasmus student. During this time, I was getting more fascinated about genome reorganization process in Paramecium every day. This fascination encouraged me to return as a Ph.D student in the lab to study in detail about the process of genome remodeling.

Before I decided to come back I was also working at the University of Rzeszow where I had a very satisfactory experience, and the  fruits of my labor can be seen here.



My current work focuses on investigatingthe function of meiotic proteins, such as Spo11, MSH4, and MSH5 in genome reorganization process. I would like to understand the mechanism by which these proteins affect IESs and transposons excision in Paramecium. I am also involved in the project where we are trying to establish Euplotes crassus as a new model organism to study the small RNA-mediated genome reorganization process in ciliates.